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Here are some resources to help you to relax and regulate your stress:

Biolateral Music:

Use this music with headphones.  Awesome when lying down, in a bath or even when trying to sleep.  Music goes from left ear to right ear and back again.  Find a song you like and loop it for a deeper relaxation. (Right click over the picture and choose "loop" from the drop down list.)

Meditations from Mary:

These are Mary's favourite meditations to use during neurofeedback.  Find one that you really like and a voice that is soothing to you and do it repatedly.  Each time you do it you imprint the connection between calm and relaxed with the particular meditation or guided relaxation and then it works better and better for you.

Rebalance your stress response system with some of these techniques. When we perceive something as stressful, our body flips into fight flight freeze or faint.  Old patterns reactivate and that takes us out of our best functioning.  Important to recognize where our physiology is and then shift back out!

Qigong, Yoga or Yoqi:  Consider finding one you like and doing it daily.  Now is the time to put a new practice into your life!

Just feels good!

Neurofeedback Music:

Music 0
Music 0
Music 3
Music 3
Music 2 (default)
Music -default

Binaural Beats:

If you have had a QEEG brain map, email Dr. Beckett to see which of these would be best for you.  Others can use these too and basically if one of these feels good and works, do it!  These need headphones or earbuds because they have different frequencies in each ear which lead the brain to resonate at these frequencies.  If in any doubt which would be best for you, email Dr. B!

DO NOT use anything lower than 10 hz if you have known seizures. 

Each column was generated with different modulation.  See which one works best for you.

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