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How to get started at ClearMind

Clearmind Neurotherapy encourages self referral for those who are looking for peak performance/brain enhancement/relaxation.  For individuals with traumatic brain injury, complex mental health issues or children under 18 we would appreciate a doctors referral.

The first step is to contact ClearMind via phone, email or have a referral faxed from your family physician or specialist.

  1. Your request will be answered. You can facilitate the process by downloading and filling out the personal history form and sending back to us either by fax or email.

  2. Once we have your form, you will be contacted by our intake coordinator to set up an appointment to chat and answer any questions and set up your intake appointment time.

  3. Finally, you will meet with Dr. Beckett for an intake.

What next?

At your intake, you and the doctor will decide together which modalities and supports will be most appropriate for your individual situation.

Let us know about yourself and how we can help

If you are interested in Neurotherapy

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