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Neuromodulation is also known as neurostimulation and is what makes us different from other neurofeedback practitioners in Eastern Ontario. In basic terms, these technologies either show the brain what we want it to learn to do which speeds up the learning process or it primes the brain for change. This technology has had a tremendous boom in research in the last 5 years and there is growing evidence of safety and lack of side effects.  In fact, it is considered so harmless that these units are available to the public and "gamers" often use them to brighten their brain.  We don't recommend this because we personally believe that we have to know what we are trying to change in order to use these modalities in customized and nuanced ways to aid our clients’ brain and body function.

tACS is transcranial alternating current stimulation. It is a form of a very weak electrical stimulation that uses two electrodes (a positive electrode called an anode and a negative electrode, the cathode) to pass a gentle current back and forth through either the brain or the body. The brain, in turn meets and matches the frequency of the pulse.  This technology is rapidly growing its research efficacy base and has been a real game changer for us at ClearMind.  Whatever we could ask the brain to learn increased by a factor of ten at least when we added tACS.  There are other manufacturers but we really like and trust the integrity of Neurofield Inc. who has engineered, developed, and distributes these devices to clinicians. We, as well as in clinics all over the world use this stimulation device to help their patients heal, recover, and change the behavior of the brain and their bodies.


tDCS is transcranial direct current stimulation. It is a form of electrical stimulation that is used to treat many conditions, both in the brain and in the body. The technology uses a positive and a negative electrode (called the anode and the cathode, respectively). Direct current passes a one-way current through the brain or the body. It is like a garden hose of energy pours into the positive lead towards the negative. In the brain, they think a surge in calcium ions and in sodium ions creates a condition of neuroplasticity, which makes the brain more susceptible to neurofeedback and pEMF conditioning.  The amounts of current are still tiny, but effective.


tRNS is transcranial random noise stimulation. It is a form of electrical stimulation that is used to treat many conditions, mostly in the brain. The technology again uses a positive and a negative electrode. Alternating current similar to white noise (like the fuzz of a television screen) passes back and forth through the brain. This is terrific for priming the brain to learn something new and can do wonders for tinnitus and other ways the brain gets really stuck.


pEMF is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The application of stimulation is imperceptible, yet the effects are real. You can't feel it because the electricity is sent through a spiral which changes the electromagnetic field around the coil. We place these around the head for brainwave entertainment and coherence, as well as on the body for inflammation reduction and resourcing.  If you are one of our recovering chronic Lyme clients, you know how effective this can be at improving fatigue!  Our units are low intensity 4-channel pEMF generator using four 200-wind coil packs for precision placement anywhere on the head or body.


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