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Our Philosophy

At ClearMind we have over ten years experience in facilitating change with neurotherapy.  We have learned much and continue to discover new ways of helping people heal.  Our clients are ultimately our teachers because each are both similar and also completely unique. 


The Art of this work is in determining the factors keeping each mind-body system constrained in patterns which cause symptoms.  Healing happens naturally and efficiently when we remove the blocks to it happening.  Our bodies and brains know how to heal.  Even in more severe conditions like concussion, improving brain blood flow, for example, is critical to the brain spontaneously healing.


The finesse in the facilitation process is finding the interventions which nudge the system into reorganizing itself.  The brain is a complex dynamic system.  That means that everything matters and what might seem to be a small shift can make a big difference.  Change one thing and everything in the whole system subtly or obviously changes too. There are a host of interventions which facilitate change in this manner and choosing the ones that will give the biggest benefit the most efficiently is the key.

At ClearMind we take a 360* view of the biological, psychological, environmental and genetic factors which may be causing the mind-body system to stay stuck in old inefficient patterns.  Most people agree that it is not the past which causes symptoms but how the past stops us from living fully now. 

We often start with calming and stabilizing the system by restoring sleep and reducing anxiety.  This quiets the "noise" in the mind-body system and allows more clarity and ability to act in healthy ways.   It often surprises people that they become more aware of what they need and less afraid to reach for it.  They have a harder time putting up with what does not serve them and often make decisions that alter the course of their lives in sometimes major ways.  This is a direct result of accessing a deeper connection to themselves which is possible when the "noise" of anxiety or agitation settles.

Finally, our philosophy really embraces a higher purpose.  The more people are well and thriving in their lives, the healthier our society will be and the more engaged we can all be to face the challenges that we have as a country and a world.  This is no heavy burden or obligation for the clients we work with.  It is a natural consequence to living lives firmly rooted in the truth of who we are and having the ability to respond to the needs of the world around us. 



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