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What we do...

We use a number of technologies and interventions - some very sophisticated and some very basic.  We look at the whole picture and work with each person to tailor their treatment. See neuroplasticity and our philosophy for more on that process.  

Level 1: Stabilizing and supporting the brain and body.

We may suggest dietary  changes, supplements, body work, exercise or light therapy along with neurotherapy. The main strategies in supporting the brain and body is to increase it's energy, reduce inflammation and get the blood flowing.  Our experience is that these are the foundations of healing for everyone we see no matter what your concerns.

Level 2: Quantitative EEG brain mapping

While we don't always recommend this for everyone, it is very helpful to know exactly what the neural networks are doing and what areas of the brain are struggling. The data from the QEEG is helpful in confirming the clinical picture and choosing interventions most effectively. 

Level 3: Training the brain based on symptoms and the QEEG.

This is where is becomes very individualized. Below are only some of the things we offer along with counselling and help with goal setting.  

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