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Welcome to ClearMind

ClearMind uses a multi-faceted neurophysiological approach to changing your brain to facilitate optimal function and performance. Would you like to feel relaxed and calm? Would you like to have the ability to make space in your mind to accept and manage life's challenges from this place? Then Neurotherapy may be for you. 


We work with those who would like better control of mental health symptoms, those with recent or distant concussion or with those who simply want more sharpness and clarity and more ability to manage stress and live fully free and joyful lives.


No matter the symptoms or the cause, your brain can change!


So welcome to our site.  In it you will find a lot of information about the brain, about the ways neuroscience has discovered the brain can be helped to change and the emerging research behind all our interventions. 

Even if you never walk through our doors, the information on this site will change your life...

What do we do at ClearMind?

About our philosophy:

What is Neuroplasticity?

The Research and Evidence:

How do you get started?

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